The Simple Gift Of Health

Biomagnetism is an effective approach for preventing, maintaining, and restoring bodily wellness. It harnesses the power of magnets with varying strengths to alleviate or eliminate distortions in the human anatomy.

At times, individuals may encounter health issues that are intricate and may stem from a combination of Genetics and Epigenetics. In such instances, Biomagnetism can offer a significant opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the body, ultimately leading to a greater understanding and clarity in regards to one’s health.


“First discovered over 30 years ago, this approach boasts a global community of thousands of dedicated practitioners and proven results that speak for themselves.”





Helps with

  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Skin Disorders
  • Overthinking
  • Fatigue
  • Body Pains
  • Digestive Issues
  • Emotional conflict
  •  Circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Pathogen overgrowth
  • Immune system

Good health has to involve the Body, Soul and Spirit. Biomagnetism, positions the body for Balance in these areas. Magnets of different polarities and gauze strengths, are used strategically ‘IN PAIRS’ on the body .

Research has shown that Diseases thrive in bodies where the pH is not regulated. When the body’s pH is regulated, Homeostasis is regulated and Disease supporting environments, are reduced or changed. 

This may position the body, to regain its ability to care for itself .


The Bio magnetic pair therapy (Medical Biomagnetism) was developed by Dr. Duran Isaac Goiz, MD in 1988. This therapy does not focus on Symptoms or named Diseases but focuses on balancing the body’s pH, which helps the body Eradicate, Manage and sometimes brings almost immediate relief, as Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi are not able to thrive in a body, where the pH is kept in balance. 

The therapy involves Kinesiological Testing and Depolarization, using magnets on the Body. These Magnet interact with the electrons in the body, helping them to flow in a way that positively affects the body’s Biochemistry.


Isabel Jackson

My first encounter with Biomagnetism was by coincidence. I was pursuing studies at Johns Hopkins University and met Mabel, who changed my life forever. Mabel had these magnets that looked tiny but she claimed they were able to help identify imbalances of pH in the human body. I had never heard of Biomagnetism before and was interested in seeing how this worked.

Being very scientific, I could not understand or accept her claims, so she decided to prove it. She used the magnets on a few of our colleagues, and they all seemed impressed with her findings and the way they felt in the days following her session with them. Mabel taught me that you really don’t know what you don’t know. In the past, I accessed therapies that offered an experience in relaxation and restoration but nothing as simple as placing magnets on the body.

I had a mini Biomagnetic session with her and was left speechlessly confused. It was unbelievably calming and informative. I was forced to ask myself, how is it that without knowing my health, mental, or emotional status, she was able to know so much about me? I was most impressed when she advised me to consult my doctor concerning possible future health challenges that I was showing signs of. I followed her advice and discovered that she was on point, and that was when I became a believer in Biomagnetism.

After that, I decided to pursue studies in this area. As a holistic practitioner, I have used and seen Biomagnetism do miracles in the lives of my clients. This led me to further training in Bioenergetics, Micro bioenergetics, Distance therapy, and Tele bioenergetics. All these advanced training modalities positions my clients to have an unforgettable experience.

The benefits of biomagnetism cannot be best described in words, it must be experienced. It is for this reason we offer it at Alternative Choice. Apart from the relaxation factor, the therapist is positioned to help therapeutically with a variety of physically distressing conditions. Simply put, I think biomagnetism saved my life. I will forever be a vessel used to spread Biomagnetism to anyone willing to have their life changed for the better.


I remember the first time I did a session of Biomagnetism. It was the most relaxing feeling in the world. I slept during the session and slept for nine hours straight that night, I did one follow up session and my sleep patterns and quality was restored. I no longer need sleeping aids.
Adanna Sandy
I My doctor thought I was dealing with to much stress and that, it might be contributing to my Intestinal issues, so he recommended that I have a Full Body Massage. It was while having the Massage I heard about Biomagnetism/Bioenergetics and decided to try it. Within hours of the session I started feeling for food, I ate it and did not experience pain. I completed three sessions and now I am now absolutely ok.
Millan Keath
I did a session out of curiosity and made the discovery of a lifetime. I wasn't aware that I could not smell a
lot of things until after the session. Some scents got stronger and some I discovered for the first time. This was crazy but I guess my sense of smell was not working as it should before the session, I just never knew it.
Michael Seenath



Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios, a student of Dr. Goiz, is conducting research on Genetic, Transgenerational, Emotional, and Energetic reasons for the occurrence of diseases and their relation to microbes. Life comprises conscious and unconscious experiences, and it is essential to understand that these leave us with memories that can create emotional conflicts, making us prone to physical and emotional issues. When our bodies are reminded of these experiences, chemicals are produced, creating an environment where microbes are affected, making the body susceptible to diseases.

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick while others don’t, even when exposed to the same conditions? Micro Bioenergetics practitioners are trained to identify the experiences that could be causing emotions to be activated, which might then create an environment in the body where microbes thrive. If the environment becomes imbalanced, it can sometimes cause illness and obstruct the body’s defense system from functioning correctly.

 The principles of Micro Bioenergetics suggest that microbes are also affected by conflicts, and we can understand, through kinesiological testing, where and when an energetic conflict was formed and may have become associated with a specific microbe.


When we have experiences that affect us Physically, even if it is resolved, the Energetic form of that experience  can live on in our bodies as memories. These memories when triggered causes the body to produce chemicals that are not always good for us. The Energetic Form (Memories) also affects the existence of microbes eg Parasites, Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses. 

These microbes then form a resonance with the negative environment and the Energetic forms left behind from the experience. We wonder why some people get sick and others don’t, even when exposed to the same conditions. 

Micro Bioenergetics, helps us to understand how Microbes interact with and affect us, in response to triggers and the Energy Symbiotic Codes and Emotions, supporting them. It also helps us understand, why we might be sick or be prone to some Microbes when someone else isn’t. 

Sessions help to restore, a Mental and Physical space where your body can benefit from a Safe Balance with the Microbes,  we were design to live with. Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios MD.


  • A tested process that can be use along with conventional medical treatment.
  • A natural non-invasive method that is painless and safe.
  • Clients remain fully clothed.
  • Calmness and relaxation on another level.
  • Professional interaction with a trained and certified therapist.
  • Sessions can last between 40 to 120 mins.
  • The use of Ferrite Magnets.
  • You can request, an In person, Surrogate or Remote session.
  •  Extra caution will be used for clients with contraindications. In some cases, we will not work directly on you.


Pregnant women, people using a Pacemaker, actively involved in Cancer Therapy or suffering any Major illness. Neither Biomagnetism/Bioenergetics nor Micro Bioenergetics have been confirmed or promoted as Medical diagnostic tools, or treatments for any illness.

Services and prices

     Available In Person, Online or Remotely

     Available In Person, Online or Remotely.


This website is designed for educational purposes only. and is not intended to diagnose or treat any Sickness or Disease of the Mind, Body or Soul .Information found on this site should not be used to replace the advice or treatment of a Medical Practitioner.