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Have you ever wished you could find a Foot Health practitioner who could answer your foot question, whether Structural, Therapeutic or General Issues? You’ve just found one.

At  Alternative Choices your consultation is free. You can do it Online, by Phone or In Person, Our aim, is to get you to a place where you can enjoy the greatest relief and comfort in your given situation.


“Our goal is always to move you from where you are to as close as possible to where you want to be. We use modern equipment and methods to create the reality you desire. If you have foot discomfort, whether from an Ingrown nail or Numbness due to Diabetes, we welcome you. Your session may include general pedicure techniques, Laser treatments, Reflexology, Massages, Gait alignment, Foot soaks, Foot saunas, Fungal treatments, Consultations, and much more. Our internationally certified and trained FHP is waiting to shine the light of ease in the dark places called foot discomforts.”

Our Happy Clients!

“I am glad to finally find someone so knowledgeable and skilled in foot issues. Now I can go to one place to for all my foot needs.”

Crystal Roopnarine

“I have these recurring Ingrown nails and calluses that drive me crazy. The Ease I get after a session can only be compared with taking a deep breath.”

Haru Granger

“I am very careful who touches my feet because I am diabetic. I completely trust my FHP at Alternative Choices.”

Jenny Francis


Foot care has always existed. As cultures evolved and needs changed, Structures were established, creating Protocols that have become standard practices according to the clients needs. Foot care today focuses on Prevention as much as on Remedial.

Conditions We See

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Swollen Ankle

There are several reasons why Ankles become Swollen. A medical professional should be consulted as it may be a serious issue.
Sometimes we are able to use Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage to reduce the swelling.

Fluted Nail

Individuals with unique nail shapes may be more susceptible to toenail fungus and require additional care compared to those with more typical nail shapes.

Curved Nail

At times, the shape of one's nails may be the result of their genetic makeup, or it may be influenced by external factors. Irrespective of the cause, some nail shapes may need more care and attention than others. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the utmost assistance and support when it comes to your nail care needs.

Swollen Feet

Some of our clients come in with Swollen Feet. In some cases, they explored medical paths and no diagnosis was established.
In such cases we do Saunas, Soaks, Reflexology, lymphatic Drainage, Massages etc. We explore combinations until we find what works best for you.

Bad Circulation

In cases where blood circulation is inadequate in the lower part of the body, it's not unusual for the skin to become discolored or darkened. We recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional for proper guidance. Our therapy sessions, on the other hand, are external and designed to provide relief and support to the body.

Warts, Corns, Calluses

Despite being a common occurrence, our team works diligently to prevent and treat them. We implement specific protocols tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring an appropriate level of care and attention to detail.

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Ingrown Nail

"This mainly affects the big toe and is manageable if dealt with at the appropriate time; however, if left untreated, it can cause swelling, pain, and severe infection."

Hammer Toes

"There are several reasons why your toes can take this shape. In some cases, this condition can be slowed or stopped. The secret is to seek assistance before it becomes irreversible."

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Planta Faciittis

Most of the time, clients are unaware that they are experiencing this. They think it's just foot pain that will go away on its own. If this condition is not dealt with promptly, it could become painfully disruptive.

Uneven Lengths

Individuals with a difference in leg length may experience changes in gait or stride, which could increase the risk of injuries to the ankle, knee, hip joints, and potentially other areas. To address this, we provide corrective measures whenever possible to minimize the risk of such injuries.

Numbness and Tingling

This is a commonly encountered issue that may affect both individuals with diabetes and those without. To address this symptom, our practice employs the techniques of reflexology and massage to provide relief and alleviate discomfort.

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At Alternative Choices, we offer a range of modalities and are dedicated to tailoring sessions to meet our clients' specific needs within our scope of practice. We pride ourselves on providing professional and personalized care to assist in managing various conditions. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist you in achieving optimal health and well-being.

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We are located in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Call 1-868-7591597.

Yes you can. Foot soaks are customized using herbs and essential oils, to meet the needs of each individual client. When doing a Foot sauna we also use herbs but your feet is placed in a sauna for an intense heat treatment. Ask us which one is best for you.

We have Free sessions from time to time, Check our Free and Discounted  page monthly. We also have a pay with Points system, where we give you 100 points for every client you send us. Each point is equivalent to $1.

Send us a message or call  1-868-759 1597. Your consultation can be done Online, by Phone or In Person.

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Ingrown nail, callus, corns, verrucas
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Your Therapist

Hi, I am Isabel Jackson, a torchbearer at Alternative Choices for the last 25 years. What I have learned so far is that most times problems that present themselves are supported by other problems. Sometimes we know what they are, and other times we don’t have a clue. I realized that with regards to this fact, there is no difference between my clients and me, regardless of age, ethnicity, social status, or geographic location.

More than twenty-five years ago, I made it my life’s purpose to find and develop my strengths so I could help others. I pursued studies in several areas of holistic care, including Reflexology. This positioned me to see feet on a whole other level.

I saw problems that were both avoidable and manageable, but there was no one adequately trained to take care of them, at least not for my reflexology clients. This inspired me to attend one of the top foot schools in England, where I completed my studies as a Foot Health Practitioner.

Now, I am able to care for my clients’ feet in a more holistic way. I focus on prevention, management, and eradication of foot issues. I no longer treat my feet as a part of my body that doesn’t need care and attention because I understand their value in my life. I am really glad to be able to share this with others.


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