Foot Soaks and Saunas


Foot Soaks and Saunas, use Herbal blends, Detox protocols and Wraps to help ease or eliminate, Foot pains, Circulatory issues, Tingling, Numbness and much more.

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Foot Soaks and Saunas, called by several other names, are some of the oldest known forms of Foot therapy, used to help the body heal from injuries and aid in general Rehabilitation and Relaxation.

It improves Blood Circulation, relaxes Tight muscles, reduces Foot pains, improves Flexibility and so much more.
These sessions are used alone or as add-ons to other therapies. Soaks and Saunas, enhances the therapeutic effects of Reflexology, Pedicures and Massages.

It also helps significantly with Insomnia, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Hypertension, and many more physical and mental discomforts. These therapies helps to maximize the therapeutic effects at an affordable price.

We use herbal blends, Hot foot soaks, Foot wraps, Detox protocols and Saunas to accomplish this. Some services also provides touch therapy which can do more for you than you think. We also include in our Sessions, Stretches, Sound therapy, Talk therapy and Aromatherapy. Sessions are customized by clients needs.

As a Diabetic, I experience constant discomfort in my feet, Soaks and Saunas helps with my numbness and tingling and help my feet feel alive.
For a long time, I had poor blood circulation in my legs and feet, these hot soaks, helped restore my skin color and mobility.
It is the ultimate Therapeutic session that helps restore holistic balance. Services range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and are done In Clinic or as House calls.


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Foot Soaks and SaunaFoot Soaks and Saunas