Emotional Freedom Technique

The ultimate drug free therapy that works

Tapping Also Called EFT

Imagine being able to help yourself without Drugs, Money or without another person being present. That is what Tapping offers.

Ultimate Peace

It is the Anytime, Anybody, Anywhere Therapy. You can  do Tapping Standing, Sitting, lying, Daytime or Nighttime. It is flexible  and available.                                               

Happy Clients


My stress and Anxiety levels are always too high. While in Clinic I requested tapping as part of my Therapy, it makes the difference.


Medication no longer helps my Insomnia, soI turned to Tapping and now I use it to help me sleep. It is the best decision I ever made.


Sometimes my temper and anger makes me do things I regret. Now when I get angry I Tap, then act. My life is finally stabilizing.

Food Addiction

Before Tapping, I ate everything twice. Since I started Tapping, I can Finally say No to food. I now feel in control of myself.

What Is Tapping, How It Helps

Emotional Freedom Technique also called Tapping, is a modality of Alternative Medicine. Therapist and Clients use it to help connect with Energies, Within and Outside of one's self. Management or Elimination of a condition is always the goal with Tapping.
The reviews we have gotten for Emotional Distress Relief after Tapping, continues to be impressive. The process doesn't take much time, all you need is an Issue, Two hands and Knowledge of Tapping points. At Alternative Choice we can also teach you Tapping, In Clinic or Online.

We Have Seen Results In These Areas

Available In Clinic Or Online


Most frequent questions and answers

Tapping is not a medical treatment. It is an Alternative Therapy that works on Acupressure points  to help individuals become calmer and focused.

Tapping doesn’t hurt it helps.

No one. Anybody can do Tapping,

Sessions are done Fully Clothed.

Tapping Sessions are done, In Clinic or Online.

Tapping In Action

Tapping Services

Emotional Freedom Technique -in clinic

You can request Tapping Services in Clinic, where we do it for you, with you or simply teach you.
US $63-TT $428
30 mins-45 mins

Emotional Freedom Technique -Online

You can request Online learning or Services where we Tap with you.
US $63-TT $428
30 mins-45 mins

Try it for free or pay with points

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