An experience that increases, levels of happiness and healing for the Body and Soul.

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Reflexology existed in China and Egypt as early as 2330 bc and continues to touch lives today.

Customers Reviews

My feet are always swollen. Reflexology is the only thing that restores my feet to its natural size. I can't live without this therapy.
Ann Salandy
As a diabetic, I experience constant discomfort in my feet, Reflexology helps with my numbness and tingling and help my feet feel alive.
Mike stollmeyer
For a long time, I had poor blood circulation in my legs and feet, Reflexology and the hot soaks, helped restore my skin color and mobility.
Mikey Smart

What Can Reflexology Do ?

Conditions Reflexology Help With

Reflexology offers proactive and reactive therapy. Foot Reflexology is the most popular but Hand, Ears, Face, Head, and Full body sessions are also available. These sessions can be used alone or as a compliment to other modalities. 

Reflexology embraces the concepts of zone therapy and focuses on the stimulation of points on the body, that are believed to resonate with other parts of the body.

Stimulating devices are sometimes used but the Therapist hands are mostly requested. 

Basic sessions are usually 30- 45 minutes. Relaxation and Relief are two major benefits of using Reflexology. We also offer Full body Reflexology sessions. They are customized, and clients remain fully dressed, during these sessions. The benefits cannot be described with words.

Who Should Avoid Reflexology

Clients with the following conditions;

  1. Pregnant women in the 1st trimester.
  2. Broken bones, fractures recent surgery.
  3. Foot infections that are severe.
  4. Blood clots.
  5. Pitted edema.

What To Expect In A Session

Each session is customized and can include, Soft music, Aromatherapy, Herbal soaks, Essential oils ,Hot stones or Ear seeds, combined with Reflexology. 

During these sessions you remain fully clothed but experience the ultimate relaxation, relief and a lot of times, the elimination of issues existing.

 It is more than pressure applied to muscle, it is the interacting with the nervous system and according to Chinese medicine, it helps balance the body through Meridian/Energy Lines  that resonate with specific body parts.

What To Expect After A Session

After a session, you can expect, Improved sleep, Mental calmness, Sinus drainage, Emotional Release, General pain relief, Reduced Foot Swelling, Improved circulation, just to name a few.

At Alternative Choices your consultations is FREE, we have designed packages to meet your needs.

Offer # 1
TT$ 299 /US$ 44

Foot Reflexology plus massage up to the knees.

45 minutes

Offer # 2
TT$ 380 /US$ 56

Foot Reflexology, Basic nail cutting, Herbal Soaks and Nail fungus treatment.

60 minutes

Offer # 3
TT$ 564 /US$ 83

Foot, Face, Ear Reflexology, Basic nail cutting, Herbal Soak and Nail Fungus treatment, etc.

90 minutes

Offer # 4
TT$ 754 /US$ 111

Foot, Face, Head Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, Full Body Acupressure Massage with Stretches.

120 minutes

Offer # 5

Free Consultation, we are positioned to advise on a variety of foot conditions and guide clients to the appropriate professional.


Offer # 6

Access any package using our Points System and pay nothing. Conditions apply. Check the "Free and Discounted "page, on this website.

40-120 minutes

Meet The Therapist

Isabel Jackson

My first encounter with Reflexology taught me that you really don’t know what you don’t know, said differently, in the past I frequently  accessed therapies that offered  experiences in Relaxation but none did for me what Reflexology did.

 As a believer in Body Massages and Energy Medicine, I was truly convinced that there was nothing out there that could do more for me, when it came to relaxation, until I had a Mini Reflexology session. I was left speechlessly confused. It was unbelievably calming, my feet felt like they were being delivered, from something I wasn’t even aware of.

I was most impressed, when the Therapist advised me to consult my Doctor concerning possible future Health Challenges, that  began showing signs on my feet, although I was not feeling  sick in anyway,  I followed the Therapist advice and discovered that she was on point, and that was when I became a believer in Reflexology. 

Recognizing the benefits of this modality, I decided to pursue studies in this area. As a Holistic Practitioner I have used and seen Reflexology do miracles in the lives of my clients. This led me to further training in Auriculotherapy, Head and Face Reflexology and the ultimate Full body Reflexology experience.

The benefits of Reflexology cannot be described in words, it must be experienced.   It is for this reason we include Reflexology in just about every service we offer, at Alternative Choices. 

Apart from the Relaxation factor, the Therapist is positioned to help therapeutically with a variety of Physically Distressing Conditions. Simply put I think Reflexology can change your life as it did mine. 

I will forever be a vessel used to spread Reflexology to anyone willing to have their life changed for the better. 


This website is designed for educational purposes only. and is not intended to diagnose or treat any Sickness or Disease of the Mind, Body or Soul .Information found on this site should not be used to replace the advice or treatment of a Medical Practitioner.