The Missing Piece

Imagine being able to turn a dream of a happy, healthy life into reality. The Body Code is designed to look at  things that may be preventing you from realizing that reality.

Did you know that no experience you have in your life, is ever forgotten.  They are stored as memory, which can be triggered causing good or bad reactions. It becomes dangerous when you don’t recognize why a thing is happening and you start applying remedies. It is always better  too try to find out why .

Why You Need This

We are made up of the Body, Mind and Spirit. When we forget this, we forget that imbalances can occur in one or more of these aspects of our existence, and so we are challenged when finding solutions to simple  problems. Although in today’s world, we have professionals in each area, most people don’t seek help or can’t afford to pay for the necessary services. The Emotion/ Body Code positions you to look within yourself, where so many of your questions and answers reside.

Where This Started

Dr Bradley Nelson started discovering and developing the emotion code in the late 90s, and later developed the body code. This is a form of energy medicine and Thousands of practitioners can now be found worldwide.

Who Can This Therapy Help

  • Anyone with trapped emotions from bad experiences.
  • Anyone with unresolved issues.
  • Anyone who feels the need to talk  to someone.
  • Anyone who needs moral support.
  • Anyone who feels like something is holding them back.
  • Anyone who is trying remedies that should work, but. isn’t.
  • Anyone feeling that they are stuck in life.
  • Anyone feeling a Lack of motivation.
  • This even help animals.

Also Help With The Following Conditions

  • PTSD


The Emotion/Body Code system is an energy healing system, that uses energetic balancing to help release trapped emotions. When trapped emotions are released emotional healing begins and you start embracing the possibility of overcoming obstacles along life’s journey. 

This system uses Charts, an App and kinesiology (muscle testing), with questions from the practitioner, to help identify possible imbalances. The Client is then guided to a place of releasing them. 

The human mind is made up of the conscious and subconscious, this is where memories are stored, with the ability to help or hurt us. When we have bad experiences we try to forget them, but they stay alive in our subconscious and can be triggered, without us knowing. When bad memories are triggered they can create trouble in our lives that set us up for distress in our Mind, Body and Soul.


Why I trust this system

Isabel Jackson

Imbalances can create discomforts or makes existing ones worst. They create the perfect environment for sickness to thrive, which can affect us physically or mentally. If we can identify these imbalances, then well-being is possible. Even medicines seem to work better when Emotional Conflicts are resolved.

The Emotion/Body code system focuses on the relationship between imbalances, the body and the resulting presentations of sickness, whether physically or otherwise. It seeks to create balance by bringing the past and present memories in front of us for resolution.

The Body Code teaches us to listen and recognise when help is needed before things get critical. Six major areas are focused on and the results are always phenomenal, these areas are, Circuitry, Toxicity, Pathogens, Structural, Energies and Nutritional. 

I will never forget how this system restored my sleep and also allowed me to understand why I could not lose weight and keep it off. I think this was a gift from God to me. My life is now changed forever and I am never never turning back.

Our Happy Clients !

"This was new to me but I was so stressed out, I was willing to try anything. After my second session, it was the first time in 2 yrs I slept, for 6 hrs. without sleeping aids. You are my hero."

Thanks Isabel
S. Singh
"I never thought incidents that happened while my mom was pregnant with me, could affect me today, I now understand why I hated my Dad and his side of the family. Amazingly I was able to forgive them and we are trying to bond for the first ever. Thank you."
L. Granger
"Since I did the Body code sessions, my doctor is constantly asking me 'What are you doing different' because the Medicines are finally working as they should, I am feeling much better and will continue to do Sessions. Thanks so much ! '
J. lau

It's your turn

When we realize that knowledge is our compass, we are forced to consider ideas and methods that we are not completely familiar with. The Body code system may open the doors, you have been longing to walk through .

Our Services

Emotion Code

Single Sessions
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
US$ 64 /TT$ 435

Emotion Code

Packages - 3 Sessions
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
3 Sessions -US $ 177 /TT$ 1201

Emotion Code

Packages - 6 Sessions
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
6 Sessions -US$ 321 / TT$ 2180

Body Code

Single Session
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
US$ 75 / TT$ 509

Free Consultation

15 minutes Session
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
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Emotion Code

Free Sessions
Online, Phone, Email, In Person

Body code

Packages - 3 Sessions
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
3 Sessions - US$ 209 / TT$ 1419

Body code

Packages - 6 Sessions
Online, Phone, Email, In Person
6 Sessions -US$ 385 /TT$ 2614

Our Related Services

Talk Therapy, Energy Medicine etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

how long does a session lasT. should I choose one session or a package ?

Sessions last between 30 – 60 minutes. If you are dealing with something simple or just trying it,  one session is ideal. Most people see results after 2-6 sessions. 

how many trapped emotions are released in one session ?

Clients are asked to identify at least 3 emotions to be worked on in a session, but we will attempt to address any amount that presents in the time allocated for the session.

should I choose the emotion code or body code ?

Emotion code sessions seek to address Imbalances on an emotional level. A lot of times  these imbalances, manifested in physical sickness, or made existing conditions worse.

 In such cases the Emotion code is sufficient. The Body code sessions, cover all the Emotion Code protocols and go deeper and wider to help the client release trapped emotions, which helps the body balance itself in a more holistic way.

can all trapped emotions be cleared in one or two sessions ?

Trapped emotions create Imbalances, some are gathered consciously and some unconsciously. Sometimes they are even transgenerational.

 That means we don’t know all of our trapped emotions that need to be released at any one given time. 

When issue arises, sometimes memories are triggered and we start struggling with things, that should be easy to manage. 

That is an opportunity to check, whether it is a trapped emotion blocking you, 

Clearing and resolving past memories and conflicts can be ongoing but after some time you learn to do it on your own.

how to prepare for a session

Ensure that you are hydrated, do not consume alcohol or coffee 30 minutes before your session, Try to be in a comfortable space, Mentally and be on time.

How are sessions done ?

Sessions are done Online, by Phone, Email, Remotely or In Person.


The Emotion and Body code system was designed to address Imbalances in the body on an energetic level. It helps identify and release Trapped Emotions or Memories that block us. It is not a diagnostic tool nor is it intended to replace a Medical practitioners’ services. If you have a Medical issue please seek Medical attention.