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Body Stretching is not just important, it is necessary. We can do it for you, or help you do it.

Let us help you, restore and maintain your well-being.

Stretching Might Be What You Need



Tight Muscles can cause Misalignment  in Joints. Stretching is one way to reduce such incidents.

Range Of Motion

Most people never enjoy a Full range of Motion, because daily activities doesn’t provide opportunities for same. Stretching or being Stretched reminds the Body of  it’s true abilities.

Back Pain

Simple reset Stretches and Tissue Manipulation can correct Leg Length discrepancies, Painful Hips and Lower Back Pain.


It helps to Strengthen and Stretch muscles, which greatly assist in increasing range of motion.


Helps reduce tension and pressure on the Upper Spine, which can help Whiplash, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, discomforts of the Back, Chest and Head.

Hip Rotation

lower body stretches helps release Tight Muscles that might be Squeezing, Pulling or not Cooperating with other muscles or joints.

Lower Back

Lower back pain can have many causes. It could be a Misalignment of the Spine or Pelvic bones, Tight Muscles, an Injury etc. Stretching can release pressure in these areas, and encourage realignment.

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Stretches For Foot Pain



Balanced Leg Length

Our Happy Clients!

My Sciatic pains were unbearable until I started therapy at Alternative Choice. Now I have pain free days.


Carol Newton

I started to get symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 2 years ago. I was advised to start therapy, I did and after 3 sessions all symptoms disappeared.

Lily Grant

I seem to always  have foot, Hip, Leg and Knee pains, and every time I visit Alternative Choice, the Therapist finds one of my legs shorter than the other.

 I am glad that in my Massage Sessions that issue is addressed and I leave feeling fine.

Thank you 

Jason Fox

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been cautioned or prohibited by your Doctor, then this is not for you, otherwise lets Stretch .

If you have been cautioned or prohibited by your Doctor, then this is not for you, otherwise lets Stretch .

At Alternative Choice we offer Passive and Active stretching as a stand alone service and as an add on to other services.

Yes we encourage Stretching among Seniors. With them we do mainly Passive stretching .

Yes it is a Service that you pay for. However we also offer Free day for Stretching. Check our Free and Discounted page.

No. Stretching aims to manipulate muscle and tissue associated with them. Alignment usually involves manipulating bones. It should be noted, that stretching can cause bones and joints to become aligned.

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