The Missing Piece

Everything that exist in the physical world has an equal existence in the Energetic world. When Energy Medicine accompanies Physicians Medicine, restoration become Holistic.

The awareness created with Sound, Color and Vibration will leave you wanting more. Available In person, Online and Remotely.

Balanced Energy
Balanced Life

Energy Medicine uses modalities of Alternative Therapies, to help you balance and maintain a peaceful life. What we know, is that it has always existed but different Cultures used unique methods to achieve this balance .In today’s world we are privileged to have access to the benefits of Energy Medicine, without leaving our homes.

Types Of Services

Emotional Freedom Technique also called Tapping, is known worldwide as one of the simplest, fastest and most effective methods, to create within oneself, a feeling of well-being. 

It restores the confidence of being in control. At Alternative Choices we Tap with or for you.

When we talk about crystal and Scared stones, it sometimes doesn’t resonate because we are not familiar with them.

 Throughout this planet, there are Energy filled Areas, Ponds, Soil, People and Things, that seem to be Gifted to help mankind, as we journey through life.

Crystals are stones with such properties and we use them to help you accomplish your desired outcome.

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The beauty of Energy Medicine is in freedom it allows, so that a Practitioner can combine any technique, determined to be beneficial for the client. 

Sometimes touch therapy is needed and the Sounds, Stones and Crystals are incorporated to deliver the best results possible.

Have you ever wondered why words have such an effect on your mood? 

It is Sound being translated into Vibrations in your ear and your Brain, tells you how to feel. 

We use, known Sounds from Singing bowls and Tuning forks, which the brain interprets as refreshing, to help create desired states.

In some Cultures, we hear conversations about Meridians, in others, they speak of Chakras, in the Western world we hear about the Heart-Mind relationship, 

Whichever culture you are from, one thing is certain, if your ‘Energy is not balanced then your life is imbalanced ‘and that is an open door for Sickness of the Mind, Body or Soul.

We use Sound and Vibration Therapy to help create calmness and peace within.

Aromatherapy is no stranger to us. We all know how we feel when we smell something appetizing or pleasant, it changes our mood almost automatically.

Essential oils have the ability to command your behavior and help you Sleep better, become Calm and Relax and a lot more. 

We use Oils and Herbs to enhance your sessions and position you to feel your best.

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How we do sessions

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Every session is customized. Sometimes a client might not be Sleeping well or is experiencing Anxiety or Depression for no known reason, this is usually a good time for an energy bath.They call us, and together we decide which technique or techniques would be used. These sessions are done fully dressed and can be done Online or In-Person.

At Alternative choices, we promote Holistic Therapy. 

Most of the time we are experiencing challenges, in several areas of our life at the same time and this can become overwhelming. 

We have designed a Session that targets the Mind, Body and Soul. It includes Massage, Talk therapy, Energy medicine and so much more. This session is fully customizable.

Abouts us

Isabel Jackson

My journey started at a very young age, where I started experiencing pains in my pelvic area and legs. This quickly escalated to my inability to walk.

 Although I went to every Doctor, Therapist and Herbalist I could find, my progress was always temporary, and the pains never totally went away. 

I knew there had to be a reason for this and a solution somewhere out there. After a course of Pain Injections, that my doctor recommended, he looked at me and said ‘I am not sure what is happening, you have no medically confirmed reason for your condition’ so you will have to do Physiotherapy and learn to live with pain.

It was in that moment I knew that there had to be another way and it was up to me to find it.

Being a direct descendant of revered Medicine Men and Women, i did not have to look far. I started following the path of my Ancestors, their Medicine and Approaches to well-being. That was when things started to reveal itself in ways no one thought existed.

The ancient practices always included Holistic Care which targeted the Mind, Body and Soul. One of the things I realized early, was that Trapped Emotions and Unresolved Issues can express themselves as physical illnesses or create environments that makes the Body prone.

Our inability to recognize Memories that are being triggered, positions all of us to reenact situations that no longer physically exists, but the Mind still feels the Pain or Sadness. from it as if it is currently happening.

When I started combining Relaxation Techniques with Conflict Resolution, Physical Therapy and Vibration Medicine, everything changed, and my issues left as fast as they came. It was then I started to see Problems and Illnesses in others as more than just a Physical happening.

All these experiences inspired me to start gathering knowledge and expertise in Alternative Medicinal practices. Today I am able to carry the Torch of my Ancestors, while using modern day methods, to help others experience a pain free Mind Body and Soul. 

I always use a combination of Singing Bowls, The Body Code, Tunning Forks, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Biomagnetism, Talk Therapy, Crystal and so much more.

Using these Alternative Therapies, I am able to assist in the Maintenance and Restoration of my Health. I now contribute to the well-being of those that seek my assistance.

See you soon.

Customers Reviews

As a Christian I always thought that this type of therapy was ungodly, until I received my first Session. I am now a believer in these techniques. Thank You
Adam Sendler
Jan Price
My insomnia was off the charts, no Medicine worked for more than two days. After my first Session I felt a change. I now do sessions once per month,
I no longer take sleeping aids and my quality of sleep is One Thousand percent better.
Thanks Isa
Mila Kunis
Grace Alton
My life has been very traumatic, Peace seemed to visit me, only moments at a time. Since I started the 2hr Sessions, my Anxiety and Depression levels dropped significantly, and my life has become Peaceful.
Mike Stuart
Marlon Smith

Who Is This Good For

Energy medicine is good for Anyone at any Age, Anytime. It can be done In Person, Online or Remotely. Our mission is to help Balance the scale Before, During or After every Session. This increases the chances of a more Holistic outcome.


This website is designed for educational purposes only. and is not intended to diagnose or treat any Sickness or Disease of the Mind, Body or Soul .Information found on this site should not be used to replace the advice or treatment of a Medical Practitioner.