Energy Medicine (1hr)


Energy Medicine (1hr) Holistic therapy, uses Singing bowls, Tuning Forks, Sound/Talk Therapy, Aromatherapy and Crystals to help restore your peace.

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What we know is that Energy Medicine has always existed, but in different cultures unique methods were used to achieve the balance and harmony it provides. In today’s world we are privileged to have access to the benefits of Energy Medicine, without leaving our homes.
Emotional Freedom Technique also called tapping, is known worldwide as one of the simplest, fastest and most effective methods, to create within oneself a feeling of wellbeing and restoration. At Alternative Choices we tap with or for you.
The beauty of Energy Medicine is in the vast range of methods available. This allows the Practitioner to choose or combine any techniques, determined to be beneficial for the client. Sometimes, Touch therapy is needed, sometimes Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Stones and even Crystal are incorporated. The results are explosive.
When we talk about crystal and Scared stones, it sometimes doesn’t resonate, because we are not familiar with them so let us look at some history.
We are aware that on this planet there are energy filled people, places and things, that seem to be gifted to help mankind as we journey through life. Some Crystals are Stones have such properties and we use them to help you accomplish your desired outcome.
In some Cultures, we hear conversations about Meridians, in other Cultures it might be referred to as Chakras, in the Western world we hear about the Heart-Mind relationship. Whichever culture you are from, one thing is certain, if your Energy is not balanced then your life is imbalanced and that is an open door, for sickness of the Mind, Body and Soul.
At Alternative Choices, we use sound and vibration therapy to help create calmness and peace within. Have you ever wondered why words have such an effect on your mood? It is Sound, being translated into vibrations in your ear and your brain, tells you how to feel.

We use, known sounds from Singing bowls and Tuning forks, which the brain interprets as refreshing, and this helps to create desired mental states.
Every session is customized. Sometimes a client might not be sleeping well or is experiencing anxiety or depression for no known reason and feels like they need an energy bath. They call us, and together we decide which technique or techniques would be used.
These sessions are done fully clothed in Clinic but can be done Online or Remotely. Sessions are usually between 15-60 Minutes.


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Energy Medicine (1hr)