Foot Reflexology – 60 mins


Foot Reflexology(60 mins) helps with, Tingling, Numbness, Foot pain, Circulation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, Funguses & more.

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Foot Reflexology (60 mins) session, called by several other names, is one of the oldest known forms of therapy through feet. It has been used to help the body heal itself and aid in general rehabilitation.

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Reflexology existed In China and Egypt as early as 2330 Bc and continues to touch lives today. Reflexology therapy is both Proactive and Reactive.

Foot Reflexology is the most requested type, but Hand, Ears, Face, Head, and Full body sessions are also available. These sessions can be used as stand-alone therapies or complementary to other modalities.

Foot Reflexology embraces the concepts of zone therapy and focuses on the stimulation of points on the Foot, that are believed to resonate with other parts of the body. Stimulating devices are sometimes used but the therapist’s hands are most requested.

Relaxation and relief are two major benefits received from using Foot Reflexology. Massage up to the Knee is included along with Basic nail cutting, a Herbal Soak, Nail fungus treatment, Stretching, Sound therapy, Talk therapy, and Aromatherapy. We use customized sessions, to deliver the ultimate therapeutic session that helps restore holistic balance.

After a session, you can expect, Improved sleep, Mental calmness, Sinus drainage, Emotional release, General pain relief, Reduced foot swelling, and Improved circulation, to name a few. This session is the ultimate experience for Diabetics, that experience Tingling and Numbness in the feet.

The benefits of Reflexology cannot be best described in words, it must be experienced.
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Foot Reflexology – 60 mins