Body Stretches, Neuromuscular Therapy


This 1.5 hrs. Full Body Stretches, Neuromuscular Therapy, directly targets, Scar tissue, Tight muscles, Body pains, Flexibility problems and much more.

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At Alternative Choices we offer Passive and Active stretching as a stand-alone service or with Neuromuscular Therapy. Stretching aims to manipulate muscle and tissue associated with them. In today’s world our schedule doesn’t allow us to do a lot of things that are good for us. Stretching is a classic example and so we underestimate the benefits of it.

Muscles have sensitive points called pressure points, which when manipulated can cause the entire muscle to be released and flexibility is returned and sometimes, pains are eliminated completely through the application of pressure to theses points.
Sometimes you can do it yourself, and sometimes you need help. Most people never enjoy a full range of motion because daily activities don’t provide opportunities for same.

Stretching or being stretched reminds the body of it’s true abilities. Simple reset stretches and tissue manipulation can correct leg length discrepancies, painful hips and lower back pain.

Full Body stretching and Pressure Point Therapy called by several other names, is one of the oldest known forms of physical manipulation used to help the body heal itself from injuries and aid in General rehabilitation of the body.
Resistance Stretching and trigger point therapy helps to Strengthen and Stretch muscles, which greatly assist in increasing range of motion.

It directly and indirectly helps with Scar tissue, Tight muscles, Body pains, Circulatory issues, Flexibility problems and so much more.

This 1.5 hrs. session will change your life as you experience the therapeutic effects. We use specialized techniques, tools and equipment to accomplish these stretches.

It also provides touch therapy which does more for us than we think. We also include in our session, Sound therapy, Talk therapy and Aromatherapy.

Sessions are customized by client’s needs and can be done fully clothed. It is the ultimate therapeutic session, to help restore holistic balance.


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Body Stretches, Neuromuscular Therapy