Foot Care Services


Our Foot Care services, helps with the removal of, Ingrown toenails, Calluses,
Corns, Fungus treatments,
Cracked heels and Numbness,
Tingling, and Tired feet.

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When it comes too Foot Care Services, have you ever wished you could find a Foot Health Practitioner who could answer your Foot Questions, whether Structural, Therapeutic or General? You’ve just found one.

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You can do it Online, by Phone or in Person. Our aim is to get you to a place where you can enjoy the greatest relief and comfort, in your given situation. Our goal is always to move you from where you are to as close as possible to where you want to be.

We use modern equipment and methods to create realities you desire. If you have a foot discomfort, whether from an Ingrown nail or Numbness due to Diabetes, we welcome you. Your session can include, General Pedicure techniques, Warts, Calluses and Corn removal, Laser treatments, Reflexology, Massages, Gait alignment, Foot soaks, Foot Saunas, Fungus treatments, Consultation and much more.

As cultures evolved and needs changed, structures were established, creating protocols that have become standard practises according to the clients needs. Foot care today focuses on prevention as much as on remedial.

Foot soaks are customized using herbs and essential oils to meet the needs of individual clients. Foot saunas also use herbs but your feet is placed in a sauna for an intense heat treatment.

At Alternative Choice your consultation is free. You can do it Online, by Phone or in Person, our aim is to get you to a place where you can enjoy the greatest relief and comfort in your given situation.

We have” Free ” and “Pay what you can” sessions from time to time, check our ” Free and Discounted” page monthly. We also have a pay by points system, where we give you 100 points for every client you send us. Each point is equivalent to $1.
Our Internationally certified and trained Foot Health Practitioner is waiting to shine the light of ease in the dark places, called Foot Discomforts.


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Foot Soaks and SaunaFoot Care Services