Chakra Balancing Massage (PWYC)


In this 1.5 hrs. Massage, we use Singing bowls, Tuning forks, Stones and Crystals, to help balance energies during this session.

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A Chakra Balancing Massage, called by several other names, is one of the oldest known forms of therapy, used to help the body heal itself in a holistic way.
This 1.5 hrs. session focuses on the mind, body and soul on an energetic level. Energy medicine is a part of every session. We use sound and vibration therapy to help create calmness and peace within.
We also include in our sessions, Body stretches, Talk therapy and Aromatherapy.
All of our sessions are customized by client’s needs, this ensures the ultimate therapeutic experience in restoration and holistic balance.
In some cultures, we hear conversations about Meridians, in others, Chakras and in the western world we hear about the heart-mind relationship. Whichever culture you are from, one thing is certain, if your Energy is not balanced then your life is imbalanced and that is an open door for sickness of the mind, body or soul.
Sometimes a client might not be sleeping well or is experiencing anxiety or depression for no known reason and feels like they need an energy bath. They call us, and together we decide which technique or techniques would be used. We use Singing bowls, Tuning forks, Stones and Crystals to help restore energy centers. Along with the energy balancing we incorporate the most relaxing massage.
Aromatherapy is no stranger to us. We all know how we feel when we smell something appetizing or pleasant, it changes our mood almost automatically. Essential oils have the ability to command your behavior and help you sleep better, become calm and relax and a lot more. We use oils and herbs to enhance your sessions and position you to feel your best.


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Chakra Balancing Massage (PWYC)