Deep Tissue Massage (1.5 hrs) Loaded Fully


A Fully loaded 1.5 hrs. Deep Tissue Massage Session is the ultimate experience, targeting Physical, Mental and Emotional.

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This Deep tissue massage session includes, Foot Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, Body stretches, cupping, Heat therapy, Sound therapy, Talk therapy, Energy Medicine, Biomagnetism and much more.

Sessions are customized by client’s needs. It is the ultimate therapeutic session that connects with your mind, body and soul to help restore holistic balance. This Deep tissue massage (1.5 hrs.) Fully loaded session was created to maximize your therapeutic experience.

We use specialized techniques, tools and equipment to address client’s complaints. Consultation is always free as we seek to fully understand what is happening and how we can help.


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MassageDeep Tissue Massage (1.5 hrs) Loaded Fully