Emotion Code (Free-In person)

This Emotion Code (Free Session) looks at how your trapped emotions may have contributed to Insomnia, Anxiety, Phobias, Body Pains, & Stress and how they may be released. Sessions are done in clinic or online/Phone.

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The Emotion Code can be described as a method or formula, designed by Dr Bradley Nelson, that positions us to look at our lives and the things that are happening or happened in the past, through the eyes of “The Emotions”.
Did you know that no experience you have in your life, is ever forgotten.

They are stored as memories, which can be triggered, causing good or bad reactions. It becomes dangerous when you don’t recognize why a thing is happening and you start applying remedies. It is always better to try to find out why.
We are made up of the body, mind and spirit. When we forget this, we forget that imbalances can occur in one or more of these aspects of our existence. This is one reason, so many people are challenged when seeking solutions to simple problems. In today’s world, we have professionals in each area, but most people don’t seek help. They either don’t know where to go or can’t afford to pay for the necessary services.

The Emotion Code positions you to look within yourself, where so many of your questions and answers reside. So, you ask, what really is this all about and how can it benefit me?
The Emotion Code is an energy healing system, that uses energetic balancing to help release trapped emotions. When trapped emotions are released emotional healing begins and you start embracing the possibility of overcoming obstacles along life’s journey. This system uses Charts, an App and Kinesiology (muscle testing) with questions, from the practitioner, to help identify possible imbalances and then guides the client to a place of releasing them.
The human mind is made up of the conscious and subconscious, this is where memories are stored, with the ability to help or hurt us. When we have bad experiences, we try to forget them, but they stay alive in our subconscious and can be triggered without us knowing. When bad memories are triggered, they can create trouble in our lives, that set us up for distress in our mind, body and soul.
This therapy can help anyone with trapped emotions from bad experiences, unresolved issues, anyone who feels the need to talk to someone, or needs moral support.

It can even help anyone who feels like something is holding them back, or feel like they are stuck in life, or lack motivation. This Therapy can even help animals.

Sessions are available and usually last 30-60 minutes. For paid sessions, visit our website page “Energy Medicine“.

One day every month we choose one of our Services and offer it FREE, we also have a “Pay with Points” or Pay What You Can” system, so if you don’t have cash, you can still access our services.

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