Sports Massage


This 1hr Sports massage, directly targets, Scar tissue, Tight muscles, Body pains, Circulatory issues, Flexibility problems, Body Rehabilitation and much more.

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Sports massage, called by several other names, is one of the oldest known forms of massage used to help the body heal itself from injuries and aid in general rehabilitation of the body. It directly targets scar tissue, tight muscles, body pains, circulatory issues, flexibility problems and so much more.

This 1hr massage is used to maximize the therapeutic effect at an affordable price. We use specialized strokes techniques, tools and equipment to accomplish this. It also provides touch therapy which does more for us than we think.

We also include in our session, Body stretches, Sound therapy, Talk therapy and Aromatherapy. Sessions are targeted to specific injuries of the clients.

It is the ultimate therapeutic session that to help restore holistic balance.


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Sports Massage