Biomagnetism / Bioenergetics (PWYC) In Person


Biomagnetism/Bioenergetics (PWYC)- helps, Insomnia, Skin Disorders, Digestive Issues, Detoxification, Depression, Anxiety, Inflammation, Pathogen overgrowth and more.

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Biomagnetism / Bioenergetics- Sometimes our health issues are complex, especially when we are being affected by a combination of genetics and epigenetics. When we have experiences that affect us physically, even if it is resolved, the energetic form of that experience can live on in our bodies as memories.

These memories when triggered, causes the body to produce chemicals that are not always good for us. The energetic form also affects the existence of microbes living in us. Biomagnetism is an opportunity to have a conversation with the body that can results in great clarity.

Good health has to involve the Body, Soul and Spirit. Biomagnetism, positions the body for balance in these areas. Magnets of different polarities and gauze strengths are used strategically in pairs on the body.

Research has shown that diseases thrive in bodies where the pH is not regulated. When the body’s pH is regulated, homeostasis is regulated and disease supporting environments are reduced or changed. This may position the body, to regain its ability to care for itself.

This therapy does not focus on symptoms or named diseases but focuses on balancing the body’s ph. This helps the body eradicate, manage and sometimes brings almost immediate relief, as parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi are not able to thrive in a body, where the pH is kept in balance.

The therapy involves kinesiological testing and depolarization, using magnets on the body. These magnets interact with the electrons in the body, helping them to flow in a way that positively affects the body’s biochemistry.

This therapy can help with, Insomnia, Nervousness, Skin Disorders, Overthinking, Fatigue, Body Pains, Digestive Issues, Emotional conflict and Blood Circulation. It even helps with Detoxification, Depression, Anxiety, Inflammation, Eating Disorders, Pathogen overgrowth and the Immune system.

Clients remain fully clothed in this session, which lasts between 40 mins to 60 mins. We use Ferrite magnets in all our sessions. Paid sessions can be requested, to be done, In Clinic, by Surrogate or Remote.
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Biomagnetism / Bioenergetics (PWYC) In Person