Dry Brushing (Add-on)


Dry Brushing (Add-on) safely helps with Detoxification, Clogged pores, increased Lymphatic flow, increased Blood circulation, Radiant Skin and much more.

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When you think of Dry Brushing, you can safely think of detoxification, unclogged pores, increased Lymphatic flow, increased Blood circulation and radiant skin, just to name a few.

The process involves brushing the skin with a firm bristle brush. It takes less than 10 minutes and can be done by a trained Therapist or by YOU yes you.
At Alternative Choices Dry Brushing, is used to maximize therapeutic effects, when combined with other therapies. We use Special Brushes, to accomplish this.
It provides touch therapy in a different way, which does more for us than we think. We also include in our session, Body stretches, Sound therapy, Talk therapy and Aromatherapy, where necessary.

Sessions are customized by client’s needs. It is the ultimate therapeutic session that can help support Holistic Health.


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Dry Brushing (Add-on)