Talk Therapy (Night time weekly)


To access Night Time Weekly (6pm to 7am), you must book and confirm your Sessions. Talk Therapy is done, Online or by Phone. Unused time can roll over one week.

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Talk Therapy called by several other names, is one of the oldest known forms of therapy existing since the beginning of time. This therapy uses communication to enhance the human experience. Simply put, it is emotional support in its purest form.
It has always been the most affordable, available, understandable and peaceful method for Creation, Maintenance and Restoration, of people, places or things. Fortunately, it is still the same today.

We all need someone to talk too, whether we know it or not and so, talk therapy has the ability to introduce you to yourself, the strong and weak parts. It can also elevate your mood and promote stress relief.
Everyone has unresolved issues and sometimes clarity is one conversation away, if only we had a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, or Friend we could talk too.
In talk therapy, you can talk about anything that is disturbing your human experience. We do not offer services reserved for Doctors, Sex therapist. Psychiatrists or Spiritual advisors.

If you have concerns with such issues, please seek assistance from same, we will be happy to refer you out. The goal of talk therapy is not just to help you feel better today but to help you live better from today.

At Alternative Choices we specialize in a variety of alternative therapies that support wellbeing. It includes Hypnotism, Body Code/Emotion Code techniques, MicroBio Energetics, Sound Therapies, Energy Medicine, Biomagnetism, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Self-help programs and a lot more.
Nothing happens by chance, you are here for a reason, and we are here for such a time as this. Let us support you on your journey as you resolve or replace, pieces of your life that no longer leads you to wellbeing and happiness. You may ask yourself; can this really help me? should I try it? what tools do they use to create positive change in the lives of people that call in?

We use a simple method, when you Talk, we Listen. Our responses are not just Opinions, they are couched in facts, proven methods and a variety of experiences other people had and survived.
We also offer free sessions they are usually 15 minutes to 1 hour. Check our calendar for dates and times.
This service is not for people who are trying to fulfil “SEXUAL DESIRES” OR “TRYING TO PASS TIME” because they are bored. This not for people “LOOKING FOR COMPANY” because they have nothing else to do. Please respect the sacredness of this work.
For nighttime talk, you must book and confirm your appointments.


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